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Postby chcknhawk » Sat Oct 11, 2014 2:54 pm

2015 is going to accomplish one of two things, or maybe both: the year that Texas legislators remove unconstitutional restrictions to gun rights or the year that many legislators find themselves being primaried out of office next time. We may get lucky and both get open carry next year and identify those that voted against it to target in the next election cycle.

We have sponsors for our unlicensed open carry bill and are working with the National Association for Gun Rights to draft a solid constitutional carry bill. Personally, I begin my retirement leave in two weeks and will be able to drive all over the state speaking with legislators.

For those that are veterans in the realm of meeting with legislators, I'm interested in words of advice you may have. We have sent many of our leaders around the state to the Campaign 4 Liberty training sessions and think we've got a general grasp.

CJ Grisham
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