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What will the Romney team do to ensure Fast and Furious criminals are brought to justice?  

That’s the serious question that all gun owners must get answered before casting a vote in the 2012 Presidential election.  Lost amid the pomp and circumstance, and “Rah, Rah!” cheering at the Republican convention has been the thousands of ruined lives as a result of the BATFE scam to walk guns into Mexico.  Here is the DOJ OIG report on fast and furious.

The Obama team have made clear they believe that the gunwalker scandal that is fast and furious needs to be kept secret, probably to protect various government employees from the prying eyes of the public.  The Romney team have not said they will seek justice for the hundreds of dead Mexicans and US Citizens who paid the ultimate price at the hands of law breaking BATFE employees.  We need these questions answered so gun owners can make an informed vote for President.

  1. Will Mitt Romney unseal the Fast and Furious documents that President Obama shielded from the public and Congress?
  2. Will Mitt Romney fully investigate the murder of US Marine & Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, including the BATFE accomplices to his murder who walked those guns into the hands of known criminals?
  3. Will Mitt Romney fully investigate and prosecute all federal crimes committed as part of the fast and furious scandal including any government officials who broke the law?
Gun owners need answers to these questions.  Every voter should be frightened at the prospect of a rogue government agency supplying arms to violent drug cartels - and getting away with it.  
Mitt Romney knows about gunwalking, fast and furious and all the deaths that resulted.  To date he has only used this knowledge for political gain in his presidential bid.  Many of you may know, or read Gun Rights Examiner David Codrea.  He’s asked his readers and the Gun Rights community to find out where Mitt Romney stands on getting to the bottom of fast and furious. See
Only you, the voters have the power to get these questions answered
Contact Mitt Romney -
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Don’t settle for no answer, and don’t settle for general answers like ‘Mitt supports law and order’ and the ubiquitous “Mitt Romney strongly supports the 2nd Amendment”.  Gun owners need to know if Mitt Romney will walk the walk, not just talk the talk.  


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